Monday, February 28, 2011

A Path to be Digital Marketer

Change is constant. Young marketers are now facing dramatic changes of workforce demands. New media is no longer considered as a new channel for marketing campaign but a transformative business landscape. We need marketers that have skill in new media literacy to sucessfully meet and greet the customers in social media. A brand campaign done in traditional media is different when it applies in new media. There are many techniques and approaches to build brand visibility online. At least there are 3 character that should play for young marketer to be sucessful in digital marketing era.

a. Strategist / Analyst

When you enter the world of marketing, you should be able to establish the strategic thinking toward the market challenges. This ability acquires intuition which is earned by the experience. In digital marketing, the ability to intepret data in Google Analytic, Facebook Insight and Twitter Analytic tools is now highly appreciated. The earlier generation like baby boomers generation is lack of knowledge and experience about that new stuff. They need a young marketer to help them adopt their brand/organizational to communicate to stakeholders via social media.

b. Storyteller

Marketers don’t sell products or services, they sell stories to customers. Stories can drive customers to experience the character of brands. Customers would enjoy the emotional that is resulted from the story that is constructed by marketer. Story can be enjoyed from narrative storyline from multiple-media. Either it is from picture, video or text. All formats can develop the way how the story is delivered to customers mind. A creative mind is needed to develop this character into a young marketer.

c. Engineer

This could be a great challenge for young marketer. They can’t escape to acquire this skill even for just basic understanding. It is obvious that when you do marketing using digital platform, you should understand how the information technology works. Furthermore, the challenges is getting bigger because the technology is developing so fast so we need to monitor it everyday. Sometimes the brilliant marketing campaign can just fall into nightmare because the unprepared system or technology. A logical thinking can be helpful to understand how the technology works and be able to be strong in this character.

This three characters are the ideal imaginary to be a sucessful digital marketer. It is hard to find a person that has all those 3 characters. However, we can have a goal to be in the future. We can develop ourselve to expert into that 3 characters. It is not easy but that’s the challenge for young marketer in the middle of hypermediated and hypernetworked society.